Sean and Kyle were excellent. They were very considerate, attentive to detail, the right price, cheerful and musical!
William Thin
Sean has replaced some leaky old sash windows with beautiful new double glazed units that are fully in keeping with the character of our house and neighbourhood.

As well as the external appearance being transformed, the front of the house is a lot warmer. Sean provided a very professional and cheerful service and did everything that we wanted at a very reasonable cost.
Guy Hollingsworth
Sean has installed five windows in my house: three wooden, mock-sash, double-glazed, Victorian-style windows and two more modern wooden, double-glazed windows.

I am very pleased with all of them. They have considerably enhanced the appearance of my house and have been much-admired. They also help to keep the house both warm and quiet, keeping the heat in and the noise out.

Sean did all of the jobs in a very professional manner, working very quickly and making very little mess. I recommend him very highly.
Trisha Brutus
We were uncertain how badly damaged our sashes were underneath the obvious cosmetic damage so had no idea the size and scale of the job we were asking for.

Sean really put us at our ease and gave us very thorough advice, answered all of our questions and gave a very detailed quote based on a few possible scenarios.

In the end they were in much better shape than we thought and the job was delivered on time at a very reasonable price and the finish is top quality and extremely professional. A great job and all was immaculate when they left. Can’t recommend them enough.
Dan Kavanagh
We live in an old Edwardian semi with big bay windows. Unfortunately the previous residents had put in some poor quality casement leaded window that did not suit the character of the house.

After obtaining several quotes and recommendations from various people we chose Sean to do the replacement work. We are glad we did as he has done an excellent job of restoring the bay windows to their original look. He actually did most of the work whilst we were away on holiday, so it was really lovely to return and see the transformation.

As well as fitting the windows, he also painted all the surrounding woodwork to a very good standard. We were getting compliments from the neighbours and passers-by by the next day.

Best of all for us is the fact that the rooms are much warmer and quieter. Also the ability to open top and bottom windows allows more air circulation on a hot day.

We had a slight problem when one of the windows stuck due to the pain drying tight, but Sean was around the day after to sort it out. We also have the comfort of a two year guarantee as well.
Tony Redshaw